Everything you Need to Know About Your Baby

Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby’s Weight

On average newborn babies weigh between 7.4 and 7.8lbs however the healthy range is typically 5.5-10lbs for girls and 5.6-11.2lbs for boys. There are a number of different factors that will contribute to a newborn’s weight so don’t worry if you’re baby isn’t in line with the average. Over the next few months your baby’s […]

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How to successfully introduce your pet to your newborn

Preparing for a new baby is such an exciting time. Decorating a nursery, buying furniture and setting up all of your baby paraphernalia makes it easy to forget to get your family pet ready. It can be daunting introducing your baby to your fur baby but while you’re using the nine months preparing every other aspect of […]

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Exercising when pregnant – what’s the best advice?

It wasn’t that long ago that pregnant woman were bubble wrapped and told to do little to no exercise and due to this older way of thinking, it can be worrying thinking about what exercise you can do while pregnant. However, maintaining an exercise routine throughout your pregnancy can help you stay healthy and feel amazing. In […]

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