Going to a Baby Shower? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Going to a Baby Shower? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Are you about to attend a baby shower but unsure what to expect? Maybe you have been to a shower before but things have changed since then. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a baby shower first-timer, getting things right is important to show respect for the parent-to-be. 

Although traditionally an American style of event, 50% of UK mums say they plan on holiday a baby shower soon¹ meaning that friends and family need to start getting clued up on what is expected from these events! We have recently spoken about how to plan the perfect baby shower, but in this article, we will look at what you need to know if you are an invited guest. 

From buying the perfect newborn baby gifts to understanding how you should say thank you after attending, we will let you know exactly what needs to be considered if you are going to a baby shower. Keep reading to understand everything you need to know about the lovely event that is a baby shower. 

What To Expect If You Are Attending A Baby Shower

If you are attending a baby shower, prepare lots of baby-themed decorations, games, and food to celebrate the impending arrival. 

While what happens at a baby shower is different for every event, the common theme of celebrating a new baby and their parents remains the same. Baby shower gifts are customary, with some parents choosing to open the items in front of guests and others going through them independently.

A baby shower is normally held 4-6 weeks before the due date², but this can, of course, be different based on the type of pregnancy or the parents’ preferences. For example, someone pregnant with twins who is more likely to give birth early may opt for a baby shower early on in the pregnancy so that they can definitely celebrate without the guests of honour also being in attendance.

What Gifts Are Best To Give At A Baby Shower?

Going to a Baby Shower Here's Everything You Need to Know

As mentioned, it’s customary to take a newborn baby gift to a shower as a way to celebrate the new baby’s imminent arrival and to show thanks for being invited. It can be hard to choose a gift as many people attend, so the chance of duplicating items is high. While some parents will share a registry of items to choose from to stop this from happening, not everyone does. Our advice is to either ask the expectant parent what they would like or to choose something that will be useful even if they receive more than one of them. 

Below, we have shared our top picks for baby shower gifts to make acquiring the perfect item much easier!

Gift Hampers and Sets

Choosing a gift hamper is a brilliant option as it allows you to select a broad selection of gifts that are already presented ready to give. Hampers for newborns are always gratefully received by expecting parents as all of the items included are intended to be handy to have for when the new baby arrives. 

They are also ideal to select if you don’t know much about children, have a certain budget to work with or don’t have time to worry about the presentation side of things. 

Our Clair De Lune Marshmallow My First Moses Gift Set is a lovely option to select as it offers a stunning Moses basket which contains a hooded towel, soft blanket, fitted sheets and a cellular blanket. If you are looking for something slightly smaller, the Little Linen Boxed Gift Set is a fantastic option. This includes an adorable soft toy, cotton muslins, towel and blanket all in a beautifully present box. Alternatively, if you want something different, the Clair De Lune Dimple Gift Bag is a lovely option. 

No matter what gift hamper, set, or bag you select, any new parent will be very appreciative of its contents.

Essentials Like Pushchairs Or Cots

These gifts are much larger so not your everyday baby shower gift. However, sometimes people like to group together to buy essential accessories that a new parent will need. You should always ask the parent if this is required before making an extravagant purchase plus discuss with other guests to sync up on items being given. 

Items such as nursery chairs, pushchairs, strollers, buggies, prams and even snuzpod bedside cribs can make a lovely gift if a larger joint item has been agreed. 

You can also choose gifts that may not be used by the newborn but will be useful during their first few months. An example of this may be selecting a high chair, which will be essential when baby-led weaning takes place.

Items For Mum

Another route to go down when choosing the perfect gift for a baby shower is choosing to treat the mum-to-be. As mentioned, baby showers are not just about celebrating the baby but also the parents so this is a nice thoughtful choice to make. 

These gifts could include maternity or post-birth clothing, keepsakes or even pamper products like candles or body items. 

Another lovely choice is a nursing pillow which can be used to provide comfort pre and post-birth. As well as making a new parent feel special, if you are giving a gift they will likely use themselves they will be reminded of how much they mean to you everytime they interact with it. When moods may be lower and the tiredness has set in, this can be a real boost which we know any new parent will appreciate. 

Everyday Newborn Products

Another idea for a gift are some of the essential items that a newborn baby will need. If you read this article about what to pack in a baby changing bag, you can gain a pretty clear image of what things will be in high demand. This can include baby hygiene products, nappies and changing accessories plus feeding accessories.

Finally, you can choose from a whole array of other newborn baby gifts. To aid with sleep, items like the Cloud.b Sound Soother or the Twilight Buddies are lovely choices. You could also select from other products like changing mats, muslin squares, blankets, bibs, playmats and even baby carriers; the options are endless!

In short, anything you know a new baby will need plenty of that will start costing a parent in time and money is a very useful gift to give. Baby shower gifts don’t always have been to sentimental as practical is also a great consideration to make. 

Do You Still Need To Buy A Gift When The Baby Is Born If You Have Given One At The Baby Shower?

Going to a Baby Shower Here's Everything You Need to Know

This is another common question we see when it comes to understanding baby shower etiquette. If you have been invited to a shower, there is nothing that says you even have to take a gift. However, it is normally customary to do so. When it comes to celebrating the baby’s actual arrival, it’s down to personal choice if another gift is given. 

There are plenty of other gifts you can choose from, but sometimes, a simple card or message to say congratulations is more than enough to make a new parent feel loved and special. 

If you do decide to buy another gift, we just recommend making sure it’s different from the original item you gifted. You can also pay attention to what is opened at the baby shower to understand what the parents have plenty of and any gaps they may need to fill. 

Do You Need To Follow Up After Attending A Baby Shower?

Yes, we always recommend that a thank-you note be sent after attending the special day. This is also something that the hosts may choose to do, especially if you have given them a gift. Another way that lots of people choose to handle post-event comments is with a baby book available on the day. This gives attendees a chance to write a little message to the baby for the future and to thank the parents for inviting them. As you can imagine, given the digital age we find ourselves in, some hosts also manage this virtually. 

Choose Kiddies Kingdom For The Perfect Baby Shower Gifts!

After reading this article, we hope you know exactly what to expect if you are going to a baby shower! Remember, the event is a chance for everyone to celebrate the new baby and the proud parents, so it’s important to make them all feel special. Whilst a lovely gift can say everything you want to get across about your excitement and pride, so does the positive energy you choose to bring to a baby shower. 

At Kiddies Kingdom, we offer a broad selection of newborn baby gifts plus items for older babies, giving you plenty to select from. Whether you know what a parent likes or want to play it safe and keep things neutral, you are sure to find the perfect gift in this collection. 

Shop our range now and go to your next baby shower feeling prepared!


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