Joie i-Base Encore Product Guide

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There’s nothing more fun than riding in the car with your little adventurer, singing nursery rhymes, and making memories. But safety is above all here, and an i-Size base can make sure of this before you hit the road. Ready, steady, spin – welcome the Joie i-Base Encore. Launched in the summer, the i-Base Encore is compatible with six different car seats in the Joie infant carrier range, and it converts these child car seats so that parents can spin their little one 90º (or 360º if attached to the i-Harbour) to get them in and out of the car quicker and easier during a quick trip to the shop or on a family road trip. Buckle up and start your adventure with the Joie i-Base Encore.  

What is an i-Size car seat?

In July 2013 a new EU safety regulation was introduced for children’s car seats called the i-Size. The i-Size is the first phase of a new safety regulation, specifically for ISOFIX seats, catchily known as R129, which aims to make child car seats safer.

But before you start worrying that you need to throw out your current car seats, the previous regulation seat, the R44 (again, another catchy name), can still be used (and bought). However, it is likely that in some years’ time the law will require that only i-Size seats can be sold.

So, what are the main changes in an i-Size car seat?


  1. A suitable seat for your child is based on height not weight:

Previously, you were required to know your child’s weight in order to determine which seat would be correct, however, the i-Size uses height. This makes choosing a seat easier, as you are more likely to know your child’s height than you are their weight.

  1. I-Size seats stay rear-facing until 15 months old:

Children are often moved to a forward-facing car seat much too early. Research has shown that rear-facing is safer, giving as much as 75% more protection than forward-facing. The i-Size ensures that seats face backwards until a child is at least 15 months old, with some cars giving the option of rear-facing until 4 years old.


  1. Side impact testing:

An i-Size seat will have had thorough safety testing, including a side impact test. This ensures that the seat is able to provide suitable protection should a side collision occur.

I-Size seats fit cars that have Isofix fitting points, however, they are only compatible with i-Size approved vehicles. Unfortunately, currently there are very few i-Size ready cars available in the UK. However, this number is due to increase over the next few years, and in the meantime, as long as your current car seat meets the old regulations you are fine.

Joie i-Base Encore: What is it? 

The Joie i-Encore base

We understand it can be quite fiddly and awkward sometimes when trying to get a little one in and out of a car – especially with a traditional child car seat that makes it harder by only facing forward. Fortunately, the i-Base Encore can relieve this pain point in a breeze. The base is suitable from birth to four years old, and it adds a one-hand spin to compatible child car seats, to make getting a little one in and out of the car an absolute breeze. And as safety is above all, it also has an i-Size certified base to comply with the regulations surrounding child car seats that were introduced in EU legislation in 2013.  

Joie i-Base Encore: The Benefits

Mum and baby laughing together whilst baby is sat in their Joie i-Encore base

Easy to install 

Installing the i-Base Encore is as easy as can be. It connects in one click, and best of all, since it’s an ISOFIX-only installation, it’s much easier to install than a belted seat. All you have to do is plug the ISOFIX connectors into the anchor points found on the back seats of your car – simple!  And let’s not forget about the colour-coded guides on top of the load leg, which offer parents a helping hand to make sure the base and car seat have been connected properly. Rest assured, there’s no room for error with the i-Base Encore

Maximised safety  

Keeping your little one safe will always be a priority – and it’s also top of Joie’s list too. They’ve thought of everything to keep your baby safe and keep your mind at ease. The base has been designed to the highest R129 safety standards and i-Size certification. You can put your trust in the i-Base Encore, keeping your pride and joy wrapped up all safe and snug when on the road.

Grows with your child 

In the collection of child car seats that the Joie i-Base Encore is compatible with, you’ll find a mixture of group 0+ and group 0+/1 infant carriers. What does that mean for parents? It means this base will be there for your child every step of the way from birth to four years old. Music to all parents’ ears!  

Extra legroom 

Thanks to the low rebound bar that comes with the i-Base Encore, your baby can have the extra legroom they need to wriggle around their itsy-bitsy legs as they grow. 

Quick seat release button 

In a hurry to get your little one from your car to home without disturbing their nap? No problem! The release button that comes with the i-Base Encore means car seat transfers will be over in the blink of an eye.  

Joie i-Base Encore: Compatibility  

Dad smiling at baby in their car seat that has an i-Encore base

As mentioned, the Joie i-Base Encore is compatible with six different car seats in the Joie collection, and these are the following: 

calmi R129  

Suitable from birth to 6 months old, the i-Base Encore added to the calmi R129 will answer parents’ wishes. This deluxe R129 car cot meets the highest safety standards, with carry cot cosiness and car seat security for on-the-go dozing. The i-Base Encore allows the calmi R129 to easily click on and off so parents can swiftly go from car to stroll without disturbing their angel’s slumber.


The safety powerhouse that is the i-Harbour is a group 0+/1 car seat. When the i-Base Encore is connected to it, it takes the i-Harbour to the next level, allowing it to spin 360o. Getting your little one on-board their chariot (and off) has never been easier!  

i-Level Recline 

The i-Level Recline is a group 0+ car seat, and with the i-Base Encore added to it, this car seat becomes the perfect travel companion. It can be spun 90o thanks to the i-Base Encore, but as well as this, the seat itself has a 157 ergonomic recline providing better oxygen flow for safer snoozing. So, your little one can lie back and relax on your family road trips.


Your bundle of joy will find a peaceful retreat in their i-Juva car seat. It’s a group 0+ car seat that’s light as a feather – perfect for on-the-go parents. And with the i-Base Encore added to it, getting your child in and out of the car will be a breeze from here on out.   

i-Gemm 3  

Imagine a car seat with extra plush protection and is compatible with a number of Joie strollers – look no further than the i-Gemm 3 (group 0+ car seat). And best of all, it’s compatible with the i-Base Encore, so parents can look forward to hassle-free movement in and out of the car, thanks to the 90o spin feature.  

i-Snug 2 

Light to the touch but strong in safety, the i-Snug 2 is a group 0+ car seat, and when the i-Base Encore is added to it, it becomes a spinning sensation. Just spin your little one 90o to buckle them up for your adventure ahead. Or when you’re all adventured out, spin them around to get them out of the car with no hassle, so you can head back inside your home for lots of cuddles. 

The Joie i-Base Encore will not only be your little one’s best friend but also yours whilst on the road. Safe, comfortable, and packed with convenient features to make life for parents easier – what more could you want? Taking your little one from birth to 4 years, you and your child can rest assured that the i-Base Encore will see you through all of the singalongs in the car, visits to friends and family, and adventures where you discover the world together.


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