How to Choose a Pushchair That is Right for You

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Preparing for a new baby can be both stressful and delightful. You’ll probably have an endless list of essentials to get sorted before your bundle of joy arrives. So, at Kiddies Kingdom, we want to help make things as straightforward as possible.  

We’re stocked up with all the necessities you’ll need for your new baby. You name it, we’ve got it! Undoubtedly, one of the most important decisions will be how to choose a pushchair. Investing in the best one matched to your needs and your little one is serious business. With so much choice, and a pushchair to suit different lifestyles, where do you begin?  

The right one not only gives tots a place to perch or snooze, but it’ll be every mum’s storage dream. Because let’s face it, wipes, diapers and lots of snacks will be needed too wherever you take it! We’re going to take you through the world of pushchairs, to make getting out and about with your gem, a walk in the park.  

The first thing we advise doing is to decide on your budget. This will instantly narrow down your choices, especially as some prams can cost as much as £700 or more. Once you’ve got a threshold in place, you’ll have a far better idea of the options available to you.  

Next, you’ll have to think about more practical considerations. For instance, have you thought about whether you need a double or tandem pushchair? Or, if you’re looking for more flexibility, you may require a 3-in-1 option, complete with car seats or carry cots. 

Parent pushing a pushchair

The Main Types of Pushchairs 

Pushchairs can be extremely versatile. They usually have seats that’ll adjust into a lie-down position for newborns, as well as being able to recline a tad, once your little one grows and becomes stronger. Before you consider how to choose a pushchair, think about your lifestyle and if possible, your long-term plans. Will you be getting your walking boots on and tackling muddy, country roads? Or will you be strolling into town for a leisurely shopping spree?  

With so many options out there, you’re bound to find one to suit your individual requirements. Once you’ve got a few options at hand, you’ll need to take a closer look at the specifics. This is where our experts come in to help! We’ve done the hard work for you, going through the main pushchair categories:  

  1. Compact fold 

Maybe you’ve got a small car boot, or you use public transport a lot? In this case, a lightweight, compact fold pushchair is best suited. They fold down easily and don’t weigh very much – what’s not to like?! If you’re a city dweller with a little one, such pushchairs are a God send when it comes to crowded buses. There’s nothing worse than trying to get a heavy, bulky pushchair on and off public transport! Plus, when you’re road tripping with your bub, it’ll be super easy to pop into the back of your car.  

  1. All-terrain  

For all the active parents out there – this one’s for you! All-terrain pushchairs are perfect if you love the great outdoors. Typically, they have three, chunky wheels and excellent suspension. So, even when you’re faced with bumpy terrain, you and your tot will have a smooth-sailing ride. They’re normally bigger than your standard pushchair, so be wary that they may not fit in all car boots. Though, lockdown-free life is on the horizon thankfully! Soon, you’ll be able to test and see which ones can be popped in easily. 

  1.  Jogger  
Mother and father jogging with baby in pushchair

We know lots of mums out there love to exercise, so why not do it with your little one? If you’re a fitness fanatic, a jogger pushchair is perfect for you! Its suspension is fantastic, as it fights the bounces that come with running with a pushchair at speed. We recommend buying one only if you’re serious about using it for its purpose. As, you won’t be able to fold it down without taking the wheels off. They’re also not suitable for use until your tot is over 6 months old. This is because it doesn’t offer enough support for their teeny tiny body like their head and neck.  

  1. Travel systems 

If you want something which delivers flexibility and a long shelf-life, travel systems are ideal, being suitable for newborns to tearaway toddlers. Whether you need a pushchair, carrycot or car seat, this style will give it to you all-in-one. This means if your bub falls asleep in the car, you can move them to their pushchair without disturbing their slumber.  

Travel systems are designed to be easy, practical, and comfortable to use. This is something we’re sure all mums out there want to hear!  

Remember – our experts advise that little ones shouldn’t left in car seats for more than 90 minutes.  

You’ll find travel systems often have nifty little features, like swivel wheels or attached carrycots. Better yet, they have the added bonus of folding up easily. So, you don’t have to worry about whether it’ll fit into your car boot! Although they can be expensive, you’ll save money in the long run, as you won’t have to purchase everything separately.  

It’s worth noting though, you’ll have to purchase another car seat when your tot outgrows their first one. This could be as early as six months old! 

  1. Twin or tandem 
Twins cuddled up next to each other in double pushchair

If you have an older child, or you’re planning on growing your beautiful family, or expecting two little gems, a twin or tandem style is perfect. With tandem pushchairs, the seats are inline, whereas with a twin they’re side by side.  

If you want your little treasures to interact and bond together, a twin is perfect. However, for those teeny tots prodding and poking each other, or snatching yummy snacks away, go for a tandem! Twin pushchairs are a little lighter than a tandem. However, due to their side by side feature making them wider, it can be a little harder to navigate a busy supermarket or tight spaces. So, be sure to check the size before you buy! 

Our top features we recommend looking out for when purchasing a pushchair include: 

  • Five-point harness for keeping tots safe and secure  
  • Good braking system so the pushchair holds steady when stationary  
  • Compatible with your child’s car seat 
  • Folds and unfolds easily  
  • Wide shade for protecting little ones from all weather conditions  

Ultimately, you’ll be looking for a pushchair offering the perfect combination of quality, practicality, ease of use and value. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a fortune, to get one which is of those standards. Remember, if you’re an active mum, you’ll need something like an all-terrain pushchair. Or, if you’re going for a twin, think about whether you shop a lot and how you’re going to feel, navigating it around busy shopping centres.   

Now that you know how to choose a pushchair, combine that information with your needs, to find the perfect pushchair. Plus, as we head towards better days, it’s not long until you can visit our Dewsbury showroom. So, head down and test out our fantastic range before you purchase! You and your bundle of joy will be hitting the road safely and stylishly, in no time.  

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