When can a baby go in a pushchair?

Kiddies Kingdom When Can A Baby Go In A Pushchair?

As your baby grows, they may want to see a little bit more of the world as you transport them around. Whilst there is no definitive age to make the move to an upright pushchair, there are a number of signs that may indicate your little one is ready for the transition:

  1. They are able to hold their head up on their own for an extended period of time.

  2. They are able to control their head movements.

  3. They have developed enough core strength to enable them to sit up.

  4. They are tall enough to be strapped into the pushchairs harness safely and securely.

Baby sat in pink pushchair waving with mother

If your little one is too small for an upright pushchair, there are still plenty that are suitable for them, you just have to ensure they have certain specifications. Whilst your baby is unable to hold their head on their own, make sure your buggy has a fully reclined position or can be used with a compatible bassinet attachment. These attachments can then be swapped once your baby has reached the milestones mentioned above. Also try to find a pushchair with good suspension, as this will stop your little one being jostled and bounced about as you negotiate the various curbs, grates and potholes you may encounter on your quest for a hot cup of coffee!

Similarly, as your child heads into their toddler years and is comfortable in a car seat, you may find that they become little explorers rather than being strapped into their pushchair they want to be out and about, walking. You may find that buying a small, light buggy, that folds up easily is a good option, as this will allow you the flexibility to put your buggy away quickly, or push it easily whilst following your intrepid adventurer. Buggy Boards are also great if you have a little baby and a bigger sibling, as it attaches to the pram, giving your older child the option to walk, but if they get a bit tired, they can hop on the board and be pushed along.

When your little one is getting all grown up you’re in need of a bigger stroller, take a read of our best pushchair for your toddler blog post.

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