Helpful Baby Products for Mums-To-Be

Pregnant woman lying on bed holding bump

Finding out you are expecting a child can be a time of mixed emotions. On the one hand, you cannot believe that in a few short months you will be holding your very own gorgeous bundle of joy, but on the other hand, the huge amount of information out there for you to wade through can be overwhelming. From top tips to get your baby to sleep through the night, to the ever-constant disposable versus reusable nappy debate, trying to work out what is best for you can be tiring.

So, we thought we’d help make things a little bit easier with our guide to the most helpful products out there for a mum-to-be, both before and after the birth:

Maternity Pillows

As your pregnancy continues, finding a comfortable position to fall asleep can become increasingly difficult. Our 12-foot maternity pillow helps you sleep comfortably on your side, supporting your bump and easing pressure points.

Whether you breastfeed or not, our nursing pillow is a great new baby accessory. Coming in a range of 4 different patterns, the pillow not only supports your baby as you breastfeed but is also excellent for tummy time (helping your child to lift their head) and to teach your little one to sit upright whilst being supported by the curved pillow.

Tiny Love Gymini Play Mat

Trying to find time to enjoy a hot cup of tea with a newborn can be challenging, so play mats are a great way to keep your baby entertained and stimulated whilst you put your feet up for a few precious minutes. The Tiny Love Play Mat is fabulous, with colourful hanging toys, bright lights and a smart motion system to move the toys closer to your baby.

Aqua Scale 3in1 Bathtub, Scale & Water Thermometer

This innovative baby bathtub has everything you’d ever need from a baby bath set. The shape and anti-slip insert holds your baby safely, whilst the built-in thermometer gauge reads the bath water temperature and accurately displays the results on the digital LCD screen – making sure the water is a safe temperature before bath time even begins. There is also a built-in set of scales so you can keep an eye on your baby’s weight easily by simply placing your baby into the tub.

Baby Changing Baga

There are so many baby changing bags out there, but bearing in mind your nappy bag will be put to great use, it’s worth spending time finding the right one for you. One of our best sellers is the egg Changing Bag, which comes in 7 different colours. The bag has many different features including; a roomy main compartment, several external pockets, zipped pockets inside for smaller items and a padded changing mattress.

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