Your baby at month 3

Baby smiling at month 3

By now, your new baby should be getting the hang of his new routine and have an established home life! And even better, you should start feeling much more normal post-delivery and even be back at work if that is the route you have chosen to take.

But what else can you expect in month 3 of your new baby’s life?

Noisy baby
By now, your baby will definitely have found his vocal cords and we are sure that you will know about it! Not just crying and screaming, but gurgling and even laughing, your baby will certainly be experimenting with a variety of different noises from this month onwards. Encourage this to continue by talking to your baby as much as possibly and play music to him.

Who is that?
Your baby’s eyesight has now improved enough to allow himself to see his reflection in the mirror – encourage him by playing with mirrored toys as well as other brightly coloured toys that will keep his attention and keep him engaged. It is also very important to talk and sing to him as much as possible, noise and interaction in these early months lay down the foundations of how your child will communicate and interact in the future.

Tummy time
Your baby will enjoy spending time on his tummy, but it is best not to practice tummy time after eating! Otherwise a mess and a grumpy baby might follow!  You might find that your baby cries with frustration when placed on his belly, as he will not be able to turn himself over. But he should be able to turn his head to a 45-degree angle if you call to him. If your baby does cry, do not run to him immediately to roll him over, instead let him get used to having a few moments of tummy time before coming to his aid!

Your baby is more than likely rewarding you all, and more than likely passers-by, with smiles! He is now smiling due to replicating and copying you, and not due to wind. Ensure that when you are talking to him, you use your facial expressions to highlight what you are saying as this is all part of the learing curve for little minds.

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