Your baby at month two

Baby sleeping

Now that those hectic and busy, not to mention tiring, first few weeks are over, chances are that you are starting to feel a lot more human after recovering from labour! And in month two, you will notice that your baby is settling into his new life outside of the womb.

So, what can you expect in month two of your new babies life?

Although it is highly unlikely that your baby will be sleeping through the night, it is possible that he is sleeping longer between feeds and you are both falling into a familiar pattern – this is important for consistency, development and your sanity most of all! Try to stick to a bedtime routine, bath and bed by a certain time and make sure that you are home by baby’s bedtime if you can help it, so activities do not disturb the pattern.

All smiles
Around two months, you can expect to see your baby’s first smile! A little bit of a reward for the endless nights of crying, nappies, cleaning up sick etc., a baby’s first smile is something to treasure! As your baby continues to grow this month, carry on playing with him – pulling funny faces, making noises, talking to him; it all helps with his development. And you never know, he might start copying you over the next few weeks or so!

Check up
You and your baby will have a 6 week check up that will happen within this month; your health visitor will check:
• your baby’s weight, length and head circumference
• eyes, heart, hips and genitals
• ask you about feeding and growing – how is your baby doing?
Your check up is a great time to ask any questions if you have them or discuss any worried you might have. It will also be a time for you to consider going back onto contraception

You will notice during this month that your little baby will start moving more and more. If you shine a light, chances are he will turn his head to see it and the same if you stand by his side and start talking to him!

Next month, we will look at development during month three.

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