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Children’s Day Celebrations in June


2nd June – North Korea

This year saw the 64th International Children’s Day celebrations take place in North Korea, with huge gatherings and organised events in the capital allowing the children to dress up in brightly coloured outfits and traditional dress and enjoy the festivities. With singing and dancing and a range of activities and games taking place for the whole family to enjoy, this year also saw the country’s Leader Kim Jong-Un visit an orphanage in Pyongyang to join in the Children’s Day celebrations, as the children enjoyed stories and tasty treats as part of the festivities.

8th June – United States

Children’s Day celebrations in America in their earliest form date back to the 1800’s when various churches dedicated a Sunday to observe as Children’s Day.  A number chose to mark the day on the second Sunday in June, and in 1883 a motion by the National Council of Congregational Churches was passed to make this a wider resolution.

In 1999 National Children’s Day took place on October 10th, following a proclamation by President Clinton, at which point he urged Americans to take responsibility for the wellbeing of its children and to provide a safe and loving environment in which they can prosper.  As well as commitments towards improved education and health, he announced a number of initiatives which focussed on youth mentoring programs to offer further support for the young.

The following year George W. Bush announced a national holiday for Children’s Day would take place each year in early June, and although the day itself varies its key focus still remains how children can be helped and encouraged to reach their full potential, to develop their dreams, talents and abilities, and ensure they are safe and feel loved.  This year the 8th June will mark Children’s Day with celebrations varying across Communities and States in America, from organised events to families simply choosing to do something special together to honour their children.


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