Cleaning Baby Gear: Prams, Pushchairs, and Car Seats

If you are a parent, you will not be surprised to know that most mums and dads spend around four hours a day carrying out housework. This is compared to just over an hour that other adults spend per day on cleaning. With your bundle of little joy creating more mess, which we know is completely worth it, the best way to stay on top of the increased cleaning is to master the art of the various essential chores. 

This will help you keep a better routine for maintaining your child’s items and ensure that items last longer. In this blog, we will share tips for keeping pushchairs, strollers and car seats clean. Keep reading to find out how you can become a baby-accessory cleaning whizz in a way that is also safe for your child.

Why Is Cleaning a Pram, Pushchair or Car Seat Important?

Studies have found that strollers are one of the most bacteria-filled childcare accessories! Being home to bacteria and germs, they can put a child at risk of illness and skin irritation. Thanks to tiny little hands that love to touch everything and extensive usage outdoors, prams, pushchairs and car seats are susceptible to becoming dirty. Keeping them clean is essential, as it ensures a child is always safe. 

With most of these accessories being used every day and outdoors, the chance of becoming grubby is high. That is why keeping them clean is essential; otherwise, you may not only notice that your child becomes unwell, but that they deteriorate quicker.

How Often Should You Clean Prams, Pushchairs and Car Seats?

The best way to stay on top of cleaning is to create a solid routine that becomes a habit. An important part is understanding these routines and how often items need to be cleaned. 

We recommend that prams, pushchairs, and car seats are deep cleaned once a month but given top-up cleans in between to keep the bacteria levels lower. Whether you keep a set of baby-friendly cleaning wipes close to hand or set yourself a reminder every few days to give things at once over, you find that ongoing maintenance is the best way to help these vital products last for much longer. 

Consideration should also be made for products like our 2-in-1 sets, as sometimes parents forget to keep all elements clean even if they have not been used recently. While cleaning more frequently used items is important, you must keep on top of other accessories, as even something as small as a dust covering can irritate your child.

Of course, if you notice any dirt or debris, you should always clean as soon as possible.

What Method Can Be Used to Clean Prams, Pushchairs and Car Seats?

Now that you are here, how can you become a master of pram, pushchair, and car seat cleaning? No matter what baby item you need to clean, the first major consideration you need to make is ensuring any products being used are child friendly. These often market themselves as hypoallergenic, with most items being free from scents. As well as selecting suitable sprays and detergents, you will also need to gather a bowl of warm water, soft cloths, dustpan and brush, an old toothbrush, and a vacuum cleaner. 

The steps below are suitable for prams, pushchairs, and car seats, with some special advice included for specific items along the way.

Step One: Brush off or hoover away any loose debris.

You should always use an outdoor location to clean any of these childcare accessories, as you will inevitably create another mess. First, you will need to remove any loose dirt from the product. Whether it’s a result of food crumbs or outdoor debris, little pockets of dirt are common. You can use a dustpan, brush, or hoover to remove these items. 

Also, if you are cleaning an item with a removable insert or any other fabric items that can be taken away, remove them at this stage and give them a firm brush-off. 

Step Two: Wash any fabric or canvas items.

This will include putting some items in a washing machine or hand washing items using a warm water bowl with some mild detergent. It’s important to wash them at this stage as you must also account for drying time before the pushchair or car seat can be used again. It’s also essential to consider how best to dry items and check they are 100% free from dampness before placing them back in the childcare accessory. 

Step Three: Give the rest of the product a thorough wipe cover.

During this stage, you should give both permanent fabric components and the frame a proper wipe over to remove dirt. If you have any stubborn marks, you could even choose a slightly abrasive cleaner, such as a paste, to tackle the task. However, always be sure not to scratch or damage the item, as this could lead to safety issues further down the line. Every part of the frame should be wiped over in detail, with all the nooks being treated. Hard-to-reach areas can be accessed using an old toothbrush or pipe cleaner. You may also need to use a torch or source of natural light to ensure no debris or dirt has been missed. 

It’s also vital to ensure the product is completely dry, so use a microfiber cloth or paper towel to achieve this. Any dampness left behind could result in a bad odour of mould starting to form. 

Step Four: Use a steamer to treat any thick padded components.

This step is ideal for seat or harness straps, which may not be machine or hand-wash suitable. The warm steam works to dislodge any dirt and kill any bacteria that has made its way into the lining.

Step Five: Deep clean any storage areas, connector points and wheels.

You should pay close attention to these areas as they are more likely to harbour dirt. Use clothes and warm water to treat these spots deeply, and always ensure they are dry before use. 

Step Six: Check for damage and re-install removable parts.

Another reason that common cleaning is important is that it allows you to see if the pram, pushchair, or car seat is hiding any damage. Once all dirt has been removed, which could conceal the damage, you should give the product a visual once-over. You can then re-add the removable items you washed and ensure all safety features are back in their intended position. 

What Are the Benefits of Keeping Prams, Pushchairs and Car Seats Clean?

A consideration that parents can make when choosing a pram, pushchair or car seat is how easy they are to clean. By keeping items free from germs and in great condition, there are many benefits that can be unlocked. The main ones are as follows:

Keep Children Healthy

A key component to keeping a child safe and comfortable whilst travelling is having a clean space to relax within. Eliminating dirt works to therefore keep children physically healthy but also mentally comfortable. All this work together to result in a happy child!

Help the Product to Last for Longer

Keeping a childcare accessory clean and in good condition also helps it to last for longer. This is important from a cost perspective but also time as it means you can eliminate the need of having to shop for new items before they should need to be replaced. Anything from a ripped piece of lining to a cracked frame can result in deterioration.

Ensure No Safety Features Are Compromised

Whether trying to understand car seat regulations or looking for ways to make a pushchair more durable, safety can only be guaranteed if a product is in good condition. By cleaning regularly, you can check for damage to the main safety features and remove any debris that may obstruct proper functionality. 

Can Selecting the Right Pram, Pushchair or Car Seat Help With Maintenance?

Whilst you can keep any item clean by following the tips we have shared in this article, selecting a model to make your life easier is a great idea. Features such as removable fabrics and foldable frames add to the ease of cleaning. You can check out our ultimate buying guide to learn more.  

By keeping on top of cleaning, no matter your budget for a new car seat or pushchair, you can ensure your money lasts longer. As well as keeping your product in great working order also directly impacts your child’s health and safety. Eliminating germs and bacteria is essential, especially for young ones with developing immune systems. You can also keep on top of dirt by adding regular cleans into your schedule which takes away the magnitude of the job left for a while.

At Kiddies Kingdom, we offer a wide selection of products, from tandems to travel systems that offer simple maintenance. We aim to make the lives of parents easier whilst also ensuring the happiness and safety of a child. Click here to explore our collection.

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