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Children’s Days in October

We’re now definitely into autumn and as kids explore the changing appearance of the natural world here in the UK, it’s interesting to think that not all children in the world experience such varied seasons. As part of our ongoing series, today we are looking into where Children’s Days are being celebrated in October.

October 1st

Three countries celebrate their national Children’s Day on the first of October. Two of these, El Salvador and Guatemala, are neighbouring Central American nations. The third, Sri Lanka, is an island in the Indian Ocean. Despite the distance between some of these countries, the celebrations in all involve special occasions for kids, such as parties, gifts of sweets and other treats and all kinds of games and sports tournaments.

The First Friday in October

In Southeast Asia, Singapore celebrates Children’s Day on the first Friday in October. It is a fun day all round, although especially for kids in nursery or primary school, as they get the day off school to spend with friends and family!

The First Wednesday in October

Although Chile’s official Children’s Day is on the first Wednesday in October, it is actually observed on the second Sunday in August. A pleasant occasion, it tends to involve giving presents of toys to kids.

October 8th

An event which concentrates on the rights of children as well as fun, Children’s Day in Iran is supported by national celebrities and charities including UNICEF in Iran. Focusing on education as well as enjoyment, games and events mix with the encouragement of creative pursuits including art.

October 12th

Brazil holds their national Children’s Day, or ‘Dia das Criançason’, October 12th each year. Dated to coincide with the country’s Saints day – Our Lady of Aparecida’s day – kids have the day off school to enjoy spending time with their parents.

Fourth Saturday in October

Australia celebrates Children’s Day on the fourth Sunday of October. Down under, the traditional day has now become a week, with activities and celebrations nationwide designed to ensure that all children are included.

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