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The end of British Summer time

So, the time has come to say a goodbye to our official summer season and instead embrace the winter that is starting to grip the country!

Instead of enjoying fun in the garden with the gentle heat from the sun and BBQ, we will instead be snuggled up with our winter jumpers, and hats, gloves and scarves come to mention it, indulging in autumnal activities and time with the family.

This weekend sees the clocks advance forward, meaning in short, we get an extra hour in bed! But when you have a young child or baby to consider, they do not really pay attention to these changes in the time, and will more than likely still get you up, but the clock will be saying an even earlier time!

However, there are some tricks, to help fool your sweet little one and gain that extra hours rest that is possibly the highlight of the month of October!

If you can, go for a nice long walk on the Saturday, tiring out the whole family – fresh air really does wonders for the body, mind and soul and a nice, brisk walk can be both relaxing and soothing, as well as tiring, of course!

Aim to have an active day with the walk possibly in the afternoon, and if possible, try and keep your child awake and alert for as long as possible for the duration of the trip.

Once it is bedtime, try and stretch the night routine out a little longer, so as to trick baby or your small child. Maybe a slighyl longer bath, and extra chapeter or two of the bedtime story and an extra long tucking in session to take bedtime slightly past the normal time.

Then make sure that the room sufficiently warm and insulated and settle your little one off for a nice night in the world of dreams.

Hopefully, this will help for your baby to sleep well, conked out by the day’s activities and will therefor mean that you will get the usual 7am wake up call, rather than a potential and rather unattractive 6am Sunday wakeup call!

Do you have any tip hints or tips for successfully handling the clock change with children? We would love to hear from you! Let us know below…

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