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Activities for Children in January

After all the excitement and enjoyment of Christmas comes to an end – January can feel a little dull and underwhelming. It’s just not the same for little ones as running around in Santa onesies, feasting on yummy pigs in blankets and the big grin on their face when opening their presents. However, January doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! There are plenty of great January activities for children to turn their frown upside down. We’ve got lots of ideas for fun things to do with kids in January for a winter month they’ll never forget.  

Child outside in winter touching the snowman's face

1. Create a Theme for One Week of January 

A January kids calendar isn’t a bad idea. It’s a long month, especially with little ones, so you’ll be grateful for having one week’s worth of plans already prepared! And to make it super fun – pick a theme for each week. For example, one week could be skills week where you use fun activities to help with the development of your cherub.  

  • Visit the playground – did you know that core strength has an impact on kids handwriting? So, forget the tracing sheets and head to the playground for one day of your skills week! Think climbing activities, monkey bars and playing catch with a ball – anything that will support and build their core.  
  • Set up a cutting station – don’t throw away any Christmas wrapping paper! Set up your dining room with scrap bits of paper like old wrapping paper and magazine pages. You can reuse them for a fun learning session. Grab a pair of scissors and let your cutie cut away (of course with your help and supervision). You’ll be surprised how much they enjoy such a simple task, and best of all cutting helps develop their fine motor skills and coordination
  • Get the playdough out – let your little one squish, roll and mould away with playdough to exercise those fine motor muscles! You could even have a go at making your own if you are feeling creative!  
  • Q tip painting – grab a couple of cotton buds and colourful paints and let your bub get creative and use them for art purposes. Painting in this way is another brilliant means of getting those fine motor muscles working. January art projects for kids have never been more fun!  
  • Rice races – split up a handful of uncooked rice into two plastic bowls and make sure to also keep an empty bowl handy. Give your cutie small plastic tweezers and keep a pair for mummy herself too. Now, you’ve got all the tools to have a race with your babe, to see who comes first moving their rice into the empty bowl using the tweezers. If you notice your little one struggling because the grains of rice are too small for them to grab, try O-shaped cereal or pony beads instead.  
  • Water play – fill a cup about a quarter of the way with water and give your babe an empty cup, as well as a clean medicine syringe. You can use these to them to transport the water from one cup to the other by drawing the water into the syringe. And if you want it make it even more fun, add food colouring to the water. Grasping and squeezing things like syringes will give their fine motor skills an extra helping hand!  
  • Blowing bubbles – who doesn’t love blowing bubbles? It’s a fun pastime that your little one won’t be able to get enough of! Plus, bubble play actually supports their language developing skills. Add food colouring and glitter to the bubble mixture too for more magical fun.
Little girl grinning on swing

2. Winter Wonderland Walks 

Get out and about with your sweetheart and enjoy scenic walks together. Make sure to wrap up tight, and don’t forget to take yummy snacks and a flask of hot chocolate so you can both feast on your winter wonderland venture! Why not embrace your inner Sherlock Holmes? Make a list of all the things you may spot – birds, dogs, ducks, rabbits and more. And of course, let your little one tick them off the list as you go along – it’ll make them feel like they’re in charge!  

3. Stargazing  

You should take full advantage of the shorter days and go stargazing with your cherub. In the summer months, little ones are normally tucked up in bed way before the stars make an appearance, so this could be a mesmerising opportunity for them. Make sure to pick a clear night and take lots of snuggly blankets. You can cuddle up together and simply watch the beautiful night sky – it’ll be a magical experience for all!  

4. Food Fun

Mum and children baking together

Food is always fun! If your little baker is of a suitable age – baking and cooking together is perfect during the chillier months! You could knock up a batch of soup to warm the whole family up or bake a batch of cookies and get creative with icing and sprinkles. Here are some of our favourite yummy treats: 

  • Cookie dough truffles – you don’t need to bake cookies for you and your little one to have a tasty treat. All you need to do is roll the raw dough into small balls, freeze them and then dip them in melted chocolate. Beware though, it’s going to get messy – expect chocolate smeared all over your child’s face!  
  • Kitty cat rice cakes – you’ll both have so much fun making these adorable kitty cat rice cakes. Plus, it’s a super healthy sweet treat so go ahead and indulge in these every day!  
  • Nutella popsicles – your cutie will be in chocolate with heaven with this three-ingredient scrumptious recipe. All you need is whipped cream, whole milk and Nutella spread. 

If your teeny tot’s weaning journey happens to fall in January – explore our mouth-watering weaning recipes to get their tastebuds tingling.  

5. Ice Egg Hunt 

Yes – we know it’s not Easter but who said you couldn’t have an egg hunt in winter too? It’s actually a great time for it, but better yet, you can put your own spin on it! Put small toys inside balloons then add in some coloured water. Leave them in the garden overnight to freeze (if it’s set to drop below freezing) or pop them in the freezer as a backup plan. Once they’re frozen, cut away the balloon and hide the ice eggs around the garden for your little detective to find. And once they’ve found all of them, make a little nest where the small toys can hatch (defrost) – kids love this one!  

6. Crafts Galore 

Little girl sat on the floor doing arts and crafts

Brrr it’s cold outside! January is arguably one of the coldest months, so for those days where you just want to snuggle up inside – look to kids craft ideas for January. Here are our favourite ones for you and your little snow fairy to try: 

  • Paper bag fireplace – this creation will be a fab addition to wintertime pretend play. All you need is a brown paper lunch bag, red crayon, black pen, ruler, construction paper and glue stick! 
  • Earmuff penguin – everyone loves penguins, especially little ones! So, why not make a construction paper penguin wearing earmuffs and a scarf? Prepare for cuteness overload! Construction paper, silver ink, snowflake stamp, scissors, glue, and a black marker is all you need for this adorable creation.  
  • Glowstick ice luminaries – some plastic containers or tall cans, water and glow sticks are all you need for this magical project. You and your babe will have lots of fun making these, and you can use them to light up those dark winter nights. Who knew crafts for kids in January could be so fun? 

7. Road Trip 

Little girl with sunhat sat on sandy beach

Hit the road with your kids and go on an adventure – January is the perfect time to experience something a little different! We think the following are the best places to travel with kids in January for a memorable start to the year: 

See – there’s plenty of fun things to do with kids in January. From jetting off to do a little dolphin and whale spotting to cooking up sweet treats in the comfort of your own home – January will definitely be one to remember! Just because Christmas has ended, doesn’t mean that the fun also has to end. Try out any of our activities this January coming and you’ll kickstart the year in the best way possible with your sweetheart!  

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