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5 Nursery Storage Must Haves

When planning your little ones nursery it’s important to think ahead to what you might need in the coming months or even years. You’re going to need plenty of storage space in the early days for nappies, baby grows, bedding and blankets and as your youngster gets bigger so does their collection of clothes, toys, teddies and trinkets. So here’s our top 5 nursery storage must haves to give you inspiration!

  1. Every nursery needs a cot and the ideal way to utilise the space under any cot is an under storage drawer You can store just about anything in these easily accessible hidden gems.


  1. A changing unit with drawers or a dresser with a changer on the top is an essential piece of nursery furniture. They offer ample storage and have a dual purpose, ideal if space is a premium. Choosing one with a detachable changer top for when your little one grows up will give you extra years of use.


  1. For an extra place to store your child’s favourite books or just to add a finishing touch to your baby’s nursery a storage shelf is ideal. These are not only useful for storing trinkets but they can enhance and complement the style of your baby’s bedroom.

4.The perfect finishing touch to any nursery is a toy box These are ideal for storing anything from toys and teddies to bedding and nappies. A solid top toy box can also double up as seat or a practical playing surface.

  1. Making sure your little ones precious outfits are stored away in a tidy, space saving manner is essential, not only to keep them neat but also to save time when choosing their clothes for the day. A wardrobe not only provides ample hanging space but also provides space for other essentials such as bedding, towels and blankets. A wardrobe is also useful to store a memory box to collect your baby’s precious moments keeping them safe and out of reach.


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