5 Nursery Storage Must Haves

When planning your little ones nursery it’s important to think ahead to what you might need in the coming months or even years. You’re going to need plenty of storage space in the early days for nappies, baby grows, bedding and blankets and as your youngster gets bigger so does their collection of clothes, toys, teddies and trinkets. So here’s our top 5 nursery storage must haves to give you inspiration!

  1. Every nursery needs a cot and the ideal way to utilise the space under any cot is an under storage drawer. You can store just about anything in these easily accessible hidden gems.


  1. A changing unit with drawers or a dresser with a changer on the top is an essential piece of nursery furniture. They offer ample storage and have a dual purpose, ideal if space is a premium. Choosing one with a detachable changer top for when your little one grows up will give you extra years of use.


  1. For an extra place to store your child’s favourite books or just to add a finishing touch to your baby’s nursery a storage shelf is ideal. These are not only useful for storing trinkets but they can enhance and complement the style of your baby’s bedroom.
  2. The perfect finishing touch to any nursery is a toy box These are ideal for storing anything from toys and teddies to bedding and nappies. A solid top toy box can also double up as seat or a practical playing surface.
  3. Making sure your little ones precious outfits are stored away in a tidy, space saving manner is essential, not only to keep them neat but also to save time when choosing their clothes for the day. A wardrobe not only provides ample hanging space but also provides space for other essentials such as bedding, towels and blankets. A wardrobe is also useful to store a memory box to collect your baby’s precious moments keeping them safe and out of reach.


Top nursery organisation tips for new parents

The new year upon us is a chance for a fresh start. What better way to kick off 2021 than with a big, decluttering mission? If you’re in need of some savvy, nursery organisation ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Nurseries are delightful, but sometimes they tend to be the smallest room in the house. So, smart storage ideas are necessary! You want to welcome your little angel with a dreamy room – and it’s no surprise that babies come with tons of stuff.

When the nursery is organised, you’ll find what you need with little effort – even if you’re half asleep! We’ve put together top tips for storage, that’ll help you maximise space in a clever way. All your queries will be answered, from what do you need in a nursery to what furniture is needed in a nursery. These hacks will grow with your family, making life as new parents a little less chaotic.

What do you need in a nursery?

The number one thing every nursery needs, is storage! No one has more stuff than a baby, and that’s a fact. You’ll need a place to store things like your little one’s clothes and nappies. So, it’s a good idea to invest in a wardrobechest of drawers, shelves and storage baskets.

What furniture is needed in a nursery?

  1. Cot

    Every nursery needs a bed. Whether you go for an extravagant crib or a plain bassinet, your tot’s resting area will most likely be the main part of the room. Cots come in a range of designs and price ranges. However, the most important thing is to make sure it’s good quality and strong.

  2. Bedding

    Your baby’s bedding is essential for their comfort. Plus, with lots of colourful designs out there, it makes the decorating process even more fun! There’s an array of bedding to choose from. This includes bassinet sheets, bumper pads, pillows, blankets, and crib skirts. Duvets should only be used for babies over 12 months. As, they pose a risk of suffocation and over-heating. Opt for a baby sleeping bag instead. This way your sweetheart will be snug and safe!

  3. Changing table

    Get ready to be handling a lot of dirty nappies in your little one’s first year! Whilst you’ll become a pro at changing nappies, an organised changing table is still essential. You’ll be glad to hear that changing tables come in a huge variety. Some have built-in shelves or other necessities, like wipes and lotions. Most changing tables also include a comfy pad to lay your tot on.

Top tips for clever storage

  1. Store additional items in plastic bins underneath the crib

    If you’re finding yourself short of space, it’s important to take advantage of every available parameter! Get yourself some suitable-sized plastic baskets that can fit below your baby’s cot. This will be super handy when it comes to storing extra nappies, wipes, clothing, and formula. If you still need more space, try a crib skirt! To add a little style, stash away your supplies in pretty, woven baskets.

  2. Arrange clothes by size and season

    Your sweetheart will grow very fast, no doubt. This means you’re going to have to stay on top of updating their wardrobe. We recommend putting plastic baskets at the bottom of their dresser or closet. A good tip is to arrange clothes by size and season. For easy access when those pesky food mishaps happen, place the clothes upright. This way you’ll be able to see each outfit clearly. Not only that, you can then get rid of each size, as your cherub outgrows it.

  3. Convertible furniture is economical

    Saving pennies is music to any new parents ears! You’ll need furniture that’ll grow with your little one. There’s lots of savvy ideas like three-in-one options, which are miles cheaper than your average crib. This also goes for changing tables too. Safety should be your number one priority. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go for something stylish still. Keep in mind designs that you can reuse as shelves or other storage, when your tot outgrows their nappy phase.

  4. Toys

    A baby’s nursery is toy heaven! You could store some of your tot’s toys in a different room. This way you can switch them in and out, every couple of months. There’ll come a time where some toys will need to finally go into the basement. So, you’ll need some good tips to keep them in good condition.

How to store toys

Make sure to thoroughly clean and sanitise all toys, before removing the batteries. Plastic storage totes will be a lifesaver here! They’ll allow you to categorise all toys appropriately. Remember to wrap up any that are at risk of scuffs or dents in old burp cloths. It’s no secret that raising a child can be pricey. So, if you can save a few pennies by reusing – you’re doing yourself a favour!

Clever nursery storage for compact spaces

We meet loads of lovely folks looking for nursery furniture, car seatspushchairs etc that are designed for compact living, or at least ideally suited to compact living. Whether you’re a parent who loves their city living and just can’t quite give up that Barbican apartment yet, or maybe welcoming another addition to your household, we’ve got loads of great storage solutions from your favourite nursery furniture brands!

Of course, keeping other tots toes safe as they potter about their new little baby sister’s nursery is essential, but so is keeping your feet happy. Midnight feeds and tantrums don’t necessarily make for the most alert and well-placed footsteps, so making sure your nursery is kitted-out with effective storage is essential.

Wardrobes can be a wonderful asset in the nursery. Designs like the Tutti Bambini Filip wardrobe are compact but split into lots of useful compartments. The Filip wardrobe is also not too high, so you can safely store boxes etc. on top. Installing shelves can offer extra storage potential higher up on the wall too. We carry lots of great options from brands like Tutti Bambini and Guidecraft. Toy boxes have changed little in the past hundred years for a simple reason; they’re effective, safe and perfect for keeping bits and bobs off the floor. We love the Lollipop Lane Chelsea toy box because it’s simple, stylish and with the addition of a few comfy cushions it can double as a great reading area or craft bench.

Product Link: https://www.kiddies-kingdom.com/106-toy-boxes

Having a baby comes with a lot of planning and preparation. When the day finally comes, it’s nothing but special. So, don’t let clutter get in the way of that precious moment. We hope our nursery storage ideas, motivate you to build a caring and organised nursery. Our best advice is to look out for furniture that provides more than one purpose. Happy nesting!

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