Taking the Perfect Baby Photo and How To Display It?

Mum and baby taking a photo on a phone

Your bundle of joy will most likely look adorable 24/7. So, you’ll want to capture those sweet moments to look back on. Your task as parents is to know when and how to snap these priceless moments. You don’t need an expensive camera to get invaluable results. Even your smartphone will do the job! With our help, we’ll have you swotted up on how to take the perfect snaps and what to do with them!

How to capture the perfect photos

Newborn baby having a photo taken

Lighting is everything

One thing to know – good lighting is your best friend! If you want to take knock-out photos of your little one, use it to your advantage. Natural light from your windows is a lot more flattering. You’ll get studio lighting, without the expense of a professional photographer.

Pop your tot at a 45 – 90 degree angle towards the window, so the light drops from their forehead, down onto their nose. This way you’ll show off your tot’s cute little cheeks! Or, sit them down with the light next to them. The shadows formed on their face will enhance the depth of the pictures. Make sure to get you and your little one outside as soon as it hits golden hour! The warm light will make any photo taken breath-taking.

Keeping your baby cooperative

Taking the perfect photograph, with a baby who wants to wriggle about constantly is a task in itself. So, how do you keep them entertained? Our top tip is to make sure your tot has been fed, burped and changed!

Plan your photoshoot within thirty minutes after feeding your munchkin. This is when they’ll be at their most cooperative. If you’re lucky, you may even get a little smile out of them!

Know your angles

Finding the best angle to shoot from is a challenge. First, you’ll want to get down low. Baby pictures always look best if you take them at their own height. Pictures from this angle will make it seem as if you’ve entered your tot’s own little world.

If you want to add a personal touch to your sweetheart’s photos, take close-ups. Getting up, close and personal with your angel is also a great opportunity for bonding time. Make sure not to get too close though, the lens could give your little one a fright!

Look out for details

When it comes to taking pictures, you don’t always have to capture your baby’s face.  Zoom in on small details, like the cute, curly strand of hair that always sticks out. Or, a close-up of your tot’s adorable little toes. These are the delightful instances, you’ll want to look back on in the future.

Photograph each month

Before you know it, your tot will be all grown up! So, you’ll want to document each month until they get to this stage. Plan a monthly photoshoot with your little model, in the same spot each time. A cute idea is to pop them onto a beanbag or blanket, with an age-sign next to them, to commemorate their growth.

If you’re looking for props like these, there’s an abundance of our bedroom accessories to choose from. Wherever you pick as the setting, keep the backdrop consistent. This way the only thing that changes is your child.

Add props

Props are a fantastic way to make the photos even more interesting! They enhance the visual interest of your snaps. Plus, this is another great technique to keep your tot entertained during their photoshoot. So, what props could you use? It could be anything from popping your newborn into a basket or even on their changing unit, with their favourite blanket draped over it. Our range of dressers will help you create a gorgeous aesthetic, for a picture-perfect photoshoot.

How and where to display your baby’s photos

a collection of baby photos and a camera

Go digital

Taking pictures on your smartphone is probably the easiest and most convenient way to capture moments. So, why not upload them into a digital frame and pop them in the living room? This way not only you, but your friends and family who come over can enjoy them 24/7!

The scrapbook memoirs

In the current climate with the pandemic and lockdown, you’ll find to have a lot more time on your hands. You could use this to make a scrapbook of your angel. Get some coloured pens and gems, go all out and get creative!

Canvas wall gallery

Canvases are an artistic way to show off photos of your bundle of joy. We recommend getting multiple pictures printed on smaller canvases, to create a wall gallery in the hallway. Alternatively, pick your favourite photograph of your little one and get it printed on a huge canvas to display in your bedroom. This way, you’ll be reminded of your pride and joy each morning and night.

Picture frames

Sometimes, you can’t go wrong with the classic framed picture. They come in lots of sizes, colours and shapes nowadays. So, you’ll never fail to find the perfect one for you. You may want to get a few frames in the same style, like wood or metallic. Or, you could get them in different finishes and sizes, if you want diversity. Either way, picture frames are great because you can place them anywhere around the house.

Remember, when you have a baby, not every day should be about taking photographs! It’s important to put the camera down every now and again. Sometimes, you need to sit back and take in the precious moments. Don’t just snap gorgeous pictures of your little one, create memories with them too. Balance is everything!

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