Splish, Splash, I Was Taking A Bath!

child in bath playing with toys

Who doesn’t love a good play in the bath? Bath time is a major part of all children’s evening routine – not only are they getting rid of the day’s dirt and grime, they are also preparing their bodies for the rest and relaxation that bedtime brings.

So what bath toys make a great addition to bath time and encourage play and learning whilst at it?

Tippitoes Ducks and Storage Net Set
Bath toys from Kiddies Kingdom
Three brightly coloured ducks, a yellow Mummy duck and two ducking’s complete with a storage net, will delight your little one. The ducks float on the surface of the water, encouraging the development of hand-eye coordination. The ducks can also squirt water; simply squeeze the duck underwater to fill it with water and squeeze it again to squirt the water out.
The handy net means the ducks can be stored safety out of the way when not in use, and as the material is net, any left over water will drain away easily.

Chicco Bubble Island
Bath toys from Kiddies Kingdom
Full of manual activities to keep little hands and minds entertained in the bath, this Chicco Bubble Island is colourful and robust.
With a slide for the fish characters to slide down into the water and a small water mill, the icing on the cake with this toy is the bubble volcano at the top! Simply press down on the octopus whilst the toy is in the bath to make bubbles appear out of the volcano!

Brother Max 5 Play, Wash & Learn Bath Toys

Bath toys from Kiddies Kingdom
Designed in conjunction with cognitive therapist to help children to play as well as learn to wash themselves. Featuring a sprinkler toy, twister toy, brush, sponge and a wear me toy, children will not only be entertained, they will also learn how to use water to keep themselves clean and healthy.

These toys also all include a heat sensitive spot so that it is easy to tell whether the water it too hot for children’s sensitive skin.

If you want to buy…
Tippitoes Ducks and Storage Net Set – Shop Here
Chicco Bubble Island – Shop Here
Brother Max 5 Play, Wash & Learn Bath Toys – Shop Here

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