What To Do When Your Baby Starts Crawling

What To Do When Your Baby Starts Crawling

So, the time has come for your little one to take their first step (well, crawl) closer to toddler-hood. Whether it’s lightning quick slithering, bum shuffling or commando-style, crawling is a wonderful milestone for you and your baby. But, how do you prepare yourself and your house for this wonderful next step?

Well firstly, put away the crash helmet, knee pads and bubble wrap. As much as it might go against your parenting instincts, occasional bumps and falls are par for the course and will help your little one understand their surroundings, their body and how to move safely (eventually!).

Next, take a deep breath and marvel at your little ones’ new skill. Can you believe that just a few short months ago your baby was only a few pounds small and unable to hold their own head up – look at them now!

And finally, baby proof, baby proof, baby proof! Whilst accidents are bound to happen, there are many things you can do to not only limit the number but the severity as well. Baby gates are an integral part of baby proofing. Installing them in the frames of a door will allow you to leave your child safely in a room without having to shut the door, or fixing them to the bottom or top of a set of stairs will protect your child from climbing up and down the staircase without you there.

Baby stood holding a baby stair gate

You can also place safety bumpers around the corner of tables to protect your little ones, as well as using specially designed locks, like the Dreambaby Flexi-lock, that will stop your baby getting into cupboards and drawers.

If you have any low shelves with dangerous or precious items on them, you may want to move them further up, out of chubby arms reach.

Oh and one last thing, whilst hospital-like cleanliness is neither practical nor helpful, spending a bit more time cleaning, mopping or hoovering your floors will help your babies crawling activity become less of a messy affair, and avoid you having to change their clothes so often!

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