How to Dress a Baby for Bed

How to Dress Your Baby for Bed

Dressing your baby for bed is an important part of their night routine, and it is essential many things are considered when doing so. It is essential babies are neither too warm nor too cold when they are sleeping and that they are as safe as possible when they are put into their cot.

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Keeping Warm

Obviously, it is important that babies are warm enough when they are asleep, however it is essential they don’t overheat. For this reason, the best way to dress your baby for bed is in layers and according to the room temperature. Layers mean you can easily make them cooler or warmer if the temperature changes. It is also important you don’t keep the room temperature too warm.

Due to the risk they pose, babies under 12 months should not sleep with any blankets or duvets and instead only have a fitted sheet. Therefore, it is important their clothing is warm enough that they aren’t cold overnight.

Clothes and Accessories

Fitted clothing is best for bedtime, for the same reason as fitted sheets are. They reduce the risk of SIDS, as opposed to the use of loose clothing or blankets. Make sure not to let baby sleep with a hat or beanie on as this can cause them to overheat. Babies release heat through their heads, and on top of that they can be a choking risk if they come loose.


You don’t need to actively monitor the temperature in the baby’s room, but make sure you aren’t increasing it unnecessarily and if it feels too warm you can always add a floor fan to your baby’s bedroom, away from them. Never use an electric blanket or hot water bottle to warm them up as this can be extremely dangerous.

To check your baby’s temperature, it is best to check their tummy or back as this will give a clearer indication of how warm or cold they are. The hands and feet aren’t a great indication for this as they can appear colder than the overall body temperature.

Baby Wrapping

Some people use baby wrapping or swaddling as a way to help babies settle for sleep and keep them cosy. There are many benefits to swaddling, but mainly that is a soothing and safe way for babies to sleep. Babies can be swaddled from birth to around 4 months when they begin rolling onto their tummies. Make sure they can stretch their legs in the wrap, and it isn’t tight around their chest or hips.

When dressing your baby for bed it can be challenging to know exactly what to put them in, however a good guide is to consider what you will be wearing to bed and go from there. After all, you’re sleeping in the same temperature so you will require similar clothes.

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