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Preparing your Child for Halloween

Some children love the concept of Halloween, whereas for others it can all be a little daunting and sometimes very scary. It is important that in the lead up to Halloween you explore this and prepare them in the best way; as well as doing all the exciting things like shopping for Halloween costumes and sweet treats. Start by planning what you’re going to do for Halloween, are you going to host a party? Or simply do some trick or treating in your local area? Whatever you plan to do this Halloween, make sure you have your child’s interests in mind.

Halloween baby

Know What to Expect

Before we get into the really fun stuff, it is important to consider how Halloween can be a scary time for some children so it may be worth talking through the holiday with them beforehand. Generally, getting them excited and focusing on the fun aspect of Halloween is a great way to help them associate the day with fun and happiness. Halloween decorations can be a scary part of Halloween; skeletons, spiders and cobwebs hung up all around can be pretty terrifying after all. Letting them choose your decorations and put them up can be useful as it helps them understand that they aren’t real and associate them with something fun; Halloween can be a great opportunity to really help them face their fears. Watching Halloween themed films and costume shopping can also help them to get prepared and enjoy this spooky day.

Halloween Costumes

Shopping for Halloween costumes or even making your own is one of the most exciting parts of Halloween. If you plan to make the costumes, perhaps sit at home and brainstorm some ideas with your children; find out what they like and what they would feel comfortable wearing. Some children don’t want to dress up and that’s fine too. If you’re going shopping for a costume, try and take your little one along so they have an input in choosing something they like.

Halloween Baking

Doing some Halloween themed baking can help to get you in the mood for spooky season. Get the kids involved and bake some sweet treats; either for Halloween or just in the build-up. Getting them involved with help to ease any anxieties they may have about the upcoming festivities. There are plenty of Halloween baking ideas around; why not decorate some cupcakes or cookies with some Halloween designs?

Trick or Treat

Trick or treating is often children’s favourite part of Halloween; it is when they get to collect all their sweets after all. For children who are nervous about it, why not do a trial run and take them around in their costume to get them used to it? Make sure you explain the concept to them so that they are looking forward to the occasion.

Planning a Party?

If you have decided to forgo the trick or treating in favour of a Halloween party this year, there are many things you can do to make it a fun time for everyone. You can serve Halloween themed food and you can be in control of decorations and party tricks to ensure that you child is comfortable with the event.

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