6 Essential Products To Buy Your Newborn

6 Essential Products To Buy Your Newborn

Trying to plan for the arrival of a new little bundle of joy into your life can be overwhelming. Everyone has an opinion on the ‘must-have’ item for your baby, so you can end up filling a small room with all the bits and bobs you’ve been told to buy. However, especially early on, less really is more. Once your baby grows up your house will be flooded with bright, plastic, singing objects, so try to limit the amount of products you buy to just the essentials whilst you still can.

Here is our list of the essential products to buy your newborn:

Moses Baskets

When your baby first arrives, you may want them to sleep in the same room as you. In fact, NHS guidelines suggest you should share a room with your baby until they are 6 months old. For many of us, fitting a standard cot into our already tiny bedroom is like a particularly difficult game of Jenga, so buying a Moses Basket is the perfect solution. Moses Baskets are not only small enough for the room, but they also help make your newborn feel warm, cosy and secure. Many Moses Baskets also come with rocking stands, which helps you rock your little one to sleep (without having to tire your arms out by doing it yourself!)

Family stood round baby in a moses basket

Travel System

Once you have spent a few days at home with your newborn, you may feel brave enough to battle the outdoors. Now, whether this is by car or by foot, you are going to need a travel system to help you transport your precious cargo from A to Z. We have a great range of Travel systems for sale, but they’re essentially an all-in-one, which includes a buggy, a carrycot (for when they are tiny) and an attachable car seat. There are a huge range to choose from, but make sure you pick one that suits your lifestyle and environment. For example, if you are constantly taking the bus, then a smaller, compact one is the best option, or if you like to go on long forest walks, then a sturdier buggy, with large wheels and good suspension might be right for you.

Baby Carrier Sling

Slings aren’t for everyone, as some people find them too much of a faff, but they can be incredibly useful, especially in the early days. You simply pop your little one in a baby carrier sling and off you go, no need to lug around a heavy pushchair.

Baby Bottle Warmers & Sterillisers

If your formula feed then baby bottle warmers are a necessity, however, even if you choose to breastfeed then you may also want to invest in a few bottles in case you decide to express. The same is true for sterilizers, as they can be used to clean not just bottles, but dummies or teething toys as well.

Mother feeding baby with bottle


It goes without saying but newborns need a lot of nappies (A LOT!), so stock up. You can choose from either disposable nappies, or the more environmentally friendly reusable type, whatever works best for you.

Baby Bouncer

Whilst all you want to do is hold your newborn and marvel at their utter gorgeousness, you may want to have your hands free for a just a few moments of the day to make yourself a cuppa! So, having a safe place to put your baby is essential. Baby Bouncers are great as they are light enough to transport from room to room, and cozy enough to keep your baby happy and content whilst you quickly wolf down your dinner.

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