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Clever Nursery Storage for Compact Spaces

We meet loads of lovely folks looking for nursery furniture, car seats, pushchairs etc that are designed for compact living, or at least ideally suited to compact living. Whether you’re a parent who loves their city living and just can’t quite give up that Barbican apartment yet, or maybe welcoming another addition to your household, we’ve got loads of great storage solutions from your favourite nursery furniture brands!
Of course, keeping other tots toes safe as they potter about their new little baby sister’s nursery is essential, but so is keeping your feet happy. Midnight feeds and tantrums don’t necessarily make for the most alert and well-placed footsteps, so making sure your nursery is kitted-out with effective storage is essential.
Wardrobes can be a wonderful asset in the nursery. Designs like the Tutti Bambini Filip wardrobe are compact but split into lots of useful compartments. The Filip wardrobe is also not too high, so you can safely store boxes etc. on top. Installing shelves can offer extra storage potential higher up on the wall too. We carry lots of great options from brands like Tutti Bambini and Guidecraft.
Toy boxes have changed little in the past hundred years for a simple reason; they’re effective, safe and perfect for keeping bits and bobs off the floor. We love the Lollipop Lane Chelsea toy box because it’s simple, stylish and with the addition of a few comfy cushions it can double as a great reading area or craft bench.

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